• Journey Man
  • Trust In Me
  • The Sound
  • Sunrise
  • Dark Perimeter
  • Another Night In Purgatory
  • Broken Picture Window
  • Rock Springs Road
  • Bridge Of The Gods
  • Hold On For Now
  • Falling Out Of Trees

The Sound

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To create The Sound, New Monsoon enlisted the help of producers Michael Shrieve (original drummer for Santana who has worked with Steve Winwood, Pete Townsend, Jaco Pastorious, John McLaughlin, and others) and Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo, Venus In Furs, Luna.) Together they guided the band to find themselves creatively in the studio. As a result, The Sound is a tangible evolution for New Monsoon, showcasing their formidable songwriting skills, artful arrangements, and textural studio explorations.

Guitarist/vocalist Jeff Miller elaborates, “The Sound is a breakthrough for us in terms of studio recording. Working with Michael and Paul, we were able to get to the core of our songs and arrangements. The Sound is a sonic journey, from harder edged cuts like the title track to more ethereal cuts like “Hold On For Now.” The album is designed to chronicle subjects ranging from life on the road to socio-political perspectives about our world and experiences. We were able to use the studio in such a way as to create layers and textures we couldn’t capture live, thus showing a facet of the band that is more cohesive and succinct.”

With two guitars, piano, bass, vocal harmonies, and an army of percussion that includes drumset, Tabla, congas, and more, New Monsoon has conquered stages across the country with their freewheeling improvisations. Now listeners will experience the focused power of the band’s imagination.

The Sound is the third studio album by the San Francisco, CA based band New Monsoon. It was recorded at “In the Pocket” in 2005 up in Forestville, CA (Tom Waits and Government Mule have recorded there), and also at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in SF, where everyone from the Grateful Dead to Herbie Hancock has recorded.

Jeff Miller – electric guitars, vocals
Benjamin Bernstein – bass
Brian Carey – percussion, conga, timbales
Phil Ferlino – organ, piano, keyboards, vocals
Rajiv Parikh – percussion, tabla, vocals
Bo Carper – acoustic guitar, banjo
Michael Shrieve – percussion
Marty Ylitalo – drums

Steve Armstrong – assistant engineer
Clay Brasher – graphic design
Joe Castwirt – mastering
Jonathan Chi – engineer
Paul Kimble – producer, engineer, mixing, piano, vocals, slide bass
Michael Shrieve – producer
Harmonized Records

  1. Journey Man
  2. Trust In Me
  3. The Sound
  4. Sunrise
  5. Dark Perimeter
  6. Another Night In Purgatory
  7. Broken Picture Window
  8. Rock Springs Road
  9. Bridge Of The Gods
  10. Hold On For Now
  11. Falling Out Of Trees