Phil Ferlino

Keyboards, Vocals.

Hailing from rural Allentown, Pennsylvania, Ferlino was steeped in classical training at an early age. With a penchant for adventure, he studied independently, learning the lingo and forms in jazz and music theory. “After developing a vocabulary with the instrument, it becomes possible to communicate feelings and emotions through that vehicle”, Phil adds. With over a 20 year history in bands of various styles, it is safe to say that he is diverse in many. Influences range from straight ahead jazz masters: Hancock, Corea, and Keith Jarret, to classics like Traffic, The Doors, including the psychedelic side of Pink Floyd, Yes, The Grateful Dead, and Alan Parsons Project, just to name a few.

Recalling a question about early life, Phil remarked: “At an early age, mom imparted music to me through playing and singing as a part time wedding singer. With a piano around the house, it became integrated into daily life as I would often play and ultimately learn how to “ear out” the songs played on the radio. At the age of 4, I can remember getting recruited to play the piano in nursery school every morning for the daily rendition of “My Country “Tis of Thee”, with the whole class on vocal accompaniment, my very first gig.


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