• Mountain Air
  • Painted Moon
  • Downstream
  • Velvet Pouch
  • Bo's Blues
  • Ladybug
  • Don't Feel Welcome
  • Double Clutch
  • Sunman
  • One Of These Days
  • Chakar Dar D'Abaji
  • Liquid Blue
  • Circle


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New Monsoon’s second CD release, “Downstream,” contains 13 well crafted songs, excellent musicianship with strong vocals, intelligent lyrics and is a fan-pleasing follow-up to their eponymous, self-produced debut “Hydrophonic.” The studio disc, released in March 2003 and distributed by the Home Grown Music Network, carries listeners through an experience of innovative world sounds and musical conversations for over 71 minutes. Lyrical melodies resonant with emotion, masterful rhythm work and accessible, engaging musicianship are liberally spread throughout the CD. The multi-faceted elements of New Monsoon are expertly molded into an exhilarating and moving musical adventure. The band’s first CD, released in June 2001, quickly sold out it’s first pressing and received radio play nationwide on independent and college stations. An even greater impact is found on “Downstream,” which not only highlights the band’s unfolding songcraft, but continued outstanding musicianship as well.

Brian Carey – percussion, conga, timbales
Heath Carlisle – bass, guitar, vocals
Phil Ferlino – organ, piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Rajiv Parikh – percussion, tabla, vocals
Bo Carper – acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro
Jeff Miller – electric guitar, vocals
Marty Ylitalo – drums, didjeridu

  1. Mountain Air
  2. Painted Moon
  3. Downstream
  4. Velvet Pouch
  5. Bo’s Blues
  6. Ladybug
  7. Don’t Feel Welcome
  8. Double Clutch
  9. Sunman
  10. One of These Days
  11. Chakar Dar d’Abaji
  12. Liquid Blue
  13. Circle