Bo Carper

Bo Carper is a co-founding member of New Monsoon with guitarist Jeff Miller. Carper's rootsy and reflective acoustic guitar style is contrasted by a fiery repertoire of right hand tapping and percussive techniques. His banjo playing is very unconventional and blends a love of classical Indian music with his deep West Virginia roots. He also performs with Dan Lebowitz (ALO) in the duo Bo & Lebo.

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller was born and raised in the steel town Pittsburgh, PA. He moved west in 1997 and formed New Monsoon after that winter's El Niño. "Every day was a New Monsoon" according to Bo, and I said "That'd make a great band name." A prolific songwriter, Miller is also a member of super-group The Contribution. He released his own solo album, Ancient Wisdom, in 2011.

Phil Ferlino

Hailing from rural Allentown, Pennsylvania, Ferlino was steeped in classical training at an early age. With a penchant for adventure, he studied independently, learning the lingo and forms in jazz and music theory. "After developing a vocabulary with the instrument, it becomes possible to communicate feelings and emotions through that vehicle", Phil adds.

Marshall Harrell

Marshall comes from a background rich in multifarious musical influences and interests. While playing in the Southeast Marshall thrived off of his natural musical talent and swiftly claimed his place as a major creative force. In 2005 Marshall relocated to Portland, Oregon in search of new musical heights and soon found a new and inspiring home. In 2008 he joined New Monsoon, and now calls the Bay Area home.

Michael Pinkham

Michael Pinkham began his percussive exploits at -5 months of age; the resonant sounds of his dear mother's uterus providing his first musical arena. Immediately after being born Michael took a musical hiatus which lasted 16 years. He now plays drums for Albino, Diego's Umbrella, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Samba do Coracao, Boca do Rio, This Old Earthquake and countless others.

New Monsoon

San Francisco rock quintet New Monsoon is the collaborative vehicle for the vocal and instrumental prowess of founding members Bo Carper (acoustic guitar and banjo), Jeff Miller (electric guitar) and Phil Ferlino (keys). Now well into its second decade of national touring, the band also features the muscular rhythm section of Marshall Harrell (electric bass) and Michael Pinkham (drums).